April 18th 2005.
The MCI has responded to last year's disappointing registration statistics, stating: "The combined sales figures of new and used bikes confirm that the motorcycle industry is still alive and kicking."
The Association adds that, although the number of new bikes registered in 2004 was down, the number of used bike transactions rose, so the total activity for 2004 was the same as for 2003.
Taking new and used bikes into account, the total number of bikes sold in 2003 was 587,246 and there was a slight increase in 2004 to 587,653. The MCI suggests that these figures demonstrate that motorcycling is just as vibrant, even though the new market is lower than it has been in previous years. The figures seem to indicate that total demand for motorcycles, new and used, is not in decline.
There is evidence of a shift toward internet purchases. Figures from e-Bay suggest that the internet accounts for one in nine sales of used, road-registered, bikes recorded by DVLA.
Craig Carey-Clinch, the MCI's Director of Public Affairs, said: "2004 did not offer such good riding weather. The fact that there continued to be an increasing number of used transactions could be read as good news for the wider industry and trade. Different sectors of the market are growing and people are becoming interested in different types of bikes and thinking more broadly about the motorcycle experience."