April 21st 2005.
Italian designer Riccardo Bernocchi is the man behind Berik Design - part of Madif Industries. Madif, which also owns the Arlen Ness brand, provides clothing for top MotoGP teams and riders including Makoto Tamada.
Berik has recently expanded its range of casual apparel to include these shoes, which prominently feature the distinctive 'Berik Eyes' logo. The upper is manufactured from leather and textile, welded on to a lightweight and flexible rubber sole that has a distinctive tread pattern.
The men's shoes are available in black, red or yellow; in sizes 7 to 12
RRP: £64.99 (inc. VAT)
The ladies' shoes are available in baby-blue, red or black; in sizes 3 to 6.5
RRP: £59.99 (inc. VAT)
Berik shoes herald the company's entry into the footwear market. World Supercross stars are wearing Berik MX boots for the first time this season. The UK public will be able to buy Berik boots before the end of this year.
Tel: 0800 389 4219