May 3 2005.

Yamaha Motor Co. will introduce an environment-friendly electric motorcycle in Japan on May 21 that can travel 25-30km per charge - 60% farther than its predecessor.
The EC-02 model has a battery capacity of 24 ampere-hours, 50% more than the Passol, the company's first electric motorcycle, which was released in 2003.
The bike features a maximum power output of 1.2kw, up 20% from the Passol, as it has a stronger magnet in the motor. The design has been revamped and now uses an aluminum diecast frame, which lends a distinctive appearance.
The motorcycle weighs 41kg and is easy to carry, as the handle and other parts are foldable.
Price: 209,790 yen.
Yamaha Motor Co.  www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/