May 13th 2005.
D:System has launched 'Version 2' of its dealer web site-management system, following a successful trial period with customer Dean Faria of Slinger Suzuki, in Preston.
Dean said: "The thing we use the most on D:System 2 is the email newsletter. It's really useful if you need to sell something quickly. For example, we emailed our subscribers last night about some alarms and we've already sold one this morning.
"When we have new bikes in, we can e-mail our customers and also check the number of views we're getting on each bike. If we're getting lots of views and no sale then it warns us that we may need to change the offer.
"Customers comment that the site looks really good, nice clean looks and it's easy to update. A lot of people set up websites and then leave. We update the site at least once a week which gives people a reason to keep looking at it."
D:System 'Version 2' is designed exclusively for bike dealers, enabling them to quickly set up and run a professional web site which receives new-bike updates automatically.
Using their own PC to access the online system, dealers can manage stock lists, link to on-line bike sales ads, create special offers and design their own e-mail newsletters and customer mailing lists.
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Pictured: Dean Faria of Slinger Suzuki