May 17th 2005.
Performance Friction brake pads are used in many European, British and National Motorcycle Racing Championships. As yet, however, the brand has remained relatively low-profile. This is partly because many riders and teams using Performance Friction pads are sponsored by other brake pad manufacturers, which goes to prove that what is written on the bike does not always indicate which parts are being used.
Performance Friction has previously relied on Distributors in the UK for brand awareness and advertising. In a change for 2005, distribution will be handled by Performance Friction Europe, directly from its UK base in Brackley, Northants.
Products will be sold to the public through dealers throughout Europe, which will be selected for being proactive and experienced with the brand.
Starting the year as they mean to go on, Performance Friction has been adopted as partner to the Virgin Mobile Samsung Yamaha Superbike Team and R6 Cup. The company will lead its development programme with selected teams on the World stage.
Performance Friction claims to have some of the most advanced research and development facilities in the industry. This allows the rapid production of prototypes.
Performance Friction Europe is currently seeking new dealers in the UK and Europe. For further information, contact Neil Faulkner, Race Engineer and Head of Motorcycle Division, using the details below.
Tel: 01280 843390
Fax: 01280 843133
Mobile: 07899 996771