May 17th 2005.
Datatag ID launches competition to find best system technician in the UK
Datatag ID is offering dealers and employees the opportunity to put their system-fitting skills to the test in a competition to find the UK's number one Datatag system technician. With a top prize of £1,000 cash, the contest will provide significant PR exposure for the employer of the winner.
Kevin Howells. Datatag Director, said: "A key advantage of the Datatag system is that it is one of the easiest systems to install, but near impossible to remove. This competition is aimed at demonstrating how easy the Datatag systems are to install while generating excellent profit margins for dealers and providing customers with the best value security system on the market, yearly insurance savings and real peace of mind. Every bike should be protected by Datatag and not only are there great prizes to be won, but also massive PR and media exposure for the winner's dealership."
Competitors will be tested on fitting a standard Datatag Sports Bike System and a standard Datatag Off-Road System to a sports bike. They will be adjudicated by the Datatag Technical Support Team. The bikes will then be scanned to ensure all components have been fitted properly and checked to ensure they are not damaged. The competition is open to anyone who works in the bike industry.
For more information and to register your interest in the competition, e-mail or call 01932 358 100.
Pictured: Helmet and cup up for grabs, along with £1,000 cash