May 19 2005.

The hugely successful Dirt Rider Expo at Stoneleigh-Park, has been re-named the DIRT BIKE SHOW for 2005, following five successful years under the 'Expo' banner. The name change is the result of research that showed visitors and exhibitors referred to the exhibition as "The Dirt Bike Show at Stoneleigh".
Apart from the new title, the timing, location and ownership of the show remain unchanged.  The successful three-hall formula will be repeated for 2005, with the addition of yet more floor space to cater for increased demand for stand space.  Owners, Promoto, will also make some minor changes to the outside entertainment and entrance to keep the show looking fresh and to ease access for visitors.
Major manufacturers, including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, Beta, Gas Gas, Husky & TM have already confirmed their official attendance.  Quads will also be well represented throughout the show, with most major brands already committed and space in the retail hall is 90% sold out. 
A central coffee bar feature will appear in the display hall for the first time, allowing guests to take a break and soak up the latest models & kit. 
The 2004 Show broke all records at 14,000 square metres and this year's event will go even further  with the addition of a whole new display and retail area for Twin Shock and Classic machines, which will be in previously unused buildings and can be reached en-route to the Live Action Arena.   This will bring total floor space to approximately 15,000 square metres, firmly establishing the Dirt Bike Show as home to Europe's largest dedicated off-road exhibition.
Ticket prices have yet to be finalised, but Promoto is confident that it will not be necessary to introduce parking charges for the 2005 show.
Dirt Bike Show, Stoneleigh-Park, 17th-20th November, 2005
Call 0870 240 9019 or visit www.dirtriderexpo.co.uk