October 14 2006.
As a dealer, it's often vital to be able to help your customer get insurance for a bike and clinch that sale.  That's OK if the bike is standard, but what if you're also selling machines that are a bit more than standard?  Say, a high performance bike, a hog, a trike or a quad?  And heaven help you if it's a modified bike, a unique risk that won't appear on any insurer's computer screen. 
Enter Bikesure with its latest Dealer Support Service.  The company not only offers great insurance deals on standard bikes, but does the same for non-standard ones, too.  Bikesure also claim to be the UK's biggest insurer of trikes and quads and is one of the few to deal with higher risks policies, including young riders and bikers with points or convictions. 
So basically, whatever combination you've got of bike and rider, standard or otherwise, Bikesure can cover them, (as long as they're legal), and by introducing your customer to the cheapest insurance, it can help you seal the deal. 
Bikesure's Dealer Support Service includes a dedicated hotline number for their customer to call, either whilst they're in the showroom or later.  And it's a freephone number, 0800 089 8070, so there's no cost involved.  Unless there's a serious issue, Bikesure 'freethinking insurance' attitude will organise cover right away, so the dealer can clinch the sale. 
Even better, if the customer takes out a policy with Bikesure, the company will pay a guaranteed £30 introduction fee to the dealer.
"The hassle of getting insurance for a non-standard bike or rider can kill a sale," says Bikesure's Robert Balls. "We already work with over 2000 dealers around the UK, helping them sort insurance for their customers.  They know they can trust us to deliver cover for any bike, trike or quad, and any rider."  
Robert Balls says Bikesure's partnership with dealers benefits everyone: "Customers get the bike they want, dealers clinch the sale and we pick up the insurance business.  Plus, every successful referral qualifies the dealer for the ¬£30 introduction fee.  Over the past 12 months we've paid out tens of thousands of pounds to our dealers."  
Dealers signing up to the scheme are allocated an individual reference number, which they or their customers quote to access the Bikesure Dealer scheme. The reference number also allows Bikesure to identify dealers qualifying for the referral payment. 

Bikesure offers a range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including schemes for trikes and quads. 

For details of the dealer support service call Bikesure on 0845 367 9000, email the company at or visit