June 8th 2005.
Puma, the well-known sports and lifestyle company, has become an official supplier to racers Ruben Xaus and Randy De Puniet.
Already involved with Formula 1, World Rally and other car-racing activities, Puma has entered motorcycle racing by introducing racing footwear in MotoGP.
John Mollanger, Head of Business Unit Management and Creative Director International Footwear, said: "The time has come for Puma to leverage our motorsport expertise on to other racing disciplines. The tremendous design challenge proposed by the sport and its growing influence make motorcycle racing the ideal extension to our four-wheel portfolio.
"For most riders, motorcycle racing is more than just a sport; it is an extension of their personality. With Ruben Xaus and Randy De Puniet, we have selected two young and talented riders who clearly represent the PUMA credo - the fusion of sport and lifestyle."
For the remaining races in 2005, Ruben Xaus (Yamaha Fortuna MotoGP) and Randy De Punjet (Aprilia Repsol 250) will wear the new Puma MotoGP racing boot - the 1000.
For further information, visit www.puma.com