June 16 2005.
Forthright Motorcycle Finance has announced a name change to Capital Bank Motorcycles.
The name change brings the motorcycle division clearly under the Capital Bank Motor umbrella, which is well recognised throughout the motor industry.
Explaining the name change, Capital Bank Director, Chris Turner said: "By bringing the name in line with our other popular and well-known brands, Capital Bank Motorcycles will now have more opportunity to further expand its maufacturer links and dealer network
throughout the UK."
Chris believes that the strong links that Capital Bank Motor has managed to forge with respected manufacturers such as TVR, Porsche, Renault and Ferrari over the years could be mirrored in time by Capital Bank Motorcycles.
"Through bringing the company in line with our other strong Capital Bank brands, our challenge for the coming year would be to see Capital Bank Motorcycles expand to eventually provide finance solutions right across the market," says Chris.
Loans underwritten up until the 14th of June 2005 will be completed under the Forthright Motorcycle Finance name.
Capital Bank motorcycles is part of the Bank of Scotland Corporate.