June 20 2005.

VE (UK) has re-launched their VE ACTIF range of Accessories for Classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters following a change of manufacturer.
Due to delays in supplies previously, newly appointed manufacturers have been busy crafting the revised and uprated range with Classic scooters at the forefront in design and quality.
Their VE30503 has been altered to finely tune the fitting with a revised rear mounting plate that fits both early PX models as well as the newer PX Disc model now being supplied. The quality of the chrome has also been upped to a 'Chrome Max' standard.
The VE ACTIF range was developed to allow a single fitment of an item that has multi applications. VE30503 (pictured) has a backrest, a rear rack, and a grab rail. Add to that the benefit of a single fitting, doing away with 'under the seat problems' due to the build-up of items being bolted to the frame under the seat. The VE30503 offers one single fitment of a multi-faceted accessory unit.
The current Trade Price is £55.00 + VAT, carriage free on all invoices over £50 Net.
Contact VE (UK). Tel: 0115 946 2991. Fax: 0115 946 9292. Email: Website: