June 20 2005.
Bikesure has stepped in to help TV presenter Rod Gibson get road legal on his maxed-up 1982 Suzuki Katana drag racer.
Rod, well known to bikers as the presenter of Men & Motors'  'Dr. Rod's Bike Surgery,' has rebuilt his Katana with a carefully selected blend of up-to-the-minute tuning parts and will be racing the machine on the drag strip later this year.
"I started by boring the engine out to take a 1260cc Wiseco conversion and realised I'd also need to uprate the frame and running gear to cope with the extra power," said Rod. "The frame has been braced to a design by legendary chassis expert Tony Foale and I've fitted suspension, brakes and wheels from a modern Kawasaki Ninja."
Rod, who is also the editor of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine, needed to  ride the machine to race meetings and found many insurers were flummoxed by the maxed-up Katana until he spoke to Bikesure, whose motto is 'free-thinking insurance.'
"Though it's a heavily-modified fast bike, they appreciated that I'm not a tearaway and were able to offer the cover I needed to get the bike registered for the road."
Rod now plans to run the bike in this year's Straightliners series and is hoping to match the race times of more modern bikes.
"Classic bikes like this can really bring exciting competition within the financial reach of ordinary bikers with the help of insurers like Bikesure," he said. 
Bikesure has a huge range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast including schemes for trikes and quads. 
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