July 7 2005.
Kawasaki aims to increase motorcycle sales in Europe by 10% on the year to 87,000 units in fiscal 2005 by expanding its product lineup and strengthening its sales network.
The producer of Kawasaki brand motorcycles has already released six new models in Europe and plans to promote these new offerings with a particular focus on the Ninja ZX-6R sportbike and the VN 1600 Classic Tourer American-style motorcycle.
In addition, the company plans to open its first direct-run store in Spain as early as this fall and will beef up its sales network by opening more of these operations. Kawasaki has been relying on local sales agents in Spain, which is the fourth-biggest motorcycle market in Europe after Italy, France and Germany. Sales of motorcycles in Spain totaled roughly 182,000 units in 2003, up 3.5% from a year earlier.
In 2002, Kawasaki integrated its sales firms in European countries under Kawasaki Motors Europe NV in the Netherlands to centralize inventory and sales data management and strengthen its marketing capabilities. The Spanish direct-run store will also come under the wing of this pan-European supervising company.
The European market accounts for slightly less than 20% of the firm's worldwide sales. Thanks to solid demand for midsize and large motorcycles -- Kawasaki's strong suit -- the market continues to provide dependable earnings for the company.
Kawasaki believes that its sales will decline in Japan and North America in fiscal 2005.

Source: The Nikkei Business Daily.