July 11 2005.
Motorcycle Trader's on-line serives continue to develop and expand with the introduction of on-line advertorials and additional advertising opportuities.

The Motorcycle Trader on-line website at is firmly established as the premier UK dedicated motorcycle trade and industry news and information source.   
Launched in 2003, the site quickly caught on, and by May 2004 is was attracting a small but dedicated 427 unique visitors recording 56,000 hits for the month. In May 2005 there were 4927 unique visitors recording 261,000 hits for the month!
The message is clear. When trade and industry professionals want the latest, dedicated and relevant trade and industry news and information, they are visiting  in rapidly increasing numbers.
And of course when companies have news and information to distribute, they want it distributed straight away - They don't want to wait for four to six weeks for a magazine to land with their information lost in endless pages of other four to six week old stories.
In response to the continuing success of the site has undergone some upgrades that will provide the services that the trade and industry has asked for:

- The famous Motorcycle Trader Directory is going on-line with all the latest contact information updated as and when it happens.
ON-LINE ADVERTISING - Low-cost advertising in solus positions, attached to product or service information, or in sponsored positions on the popular Motorcycle Trader Priority News Email Service.
SITS VAC - Do you want to wait four to six weeks to fill that vacancy, or do you want it on-line in a few minutes time? The new low-cost Sits Vac Ad Service gives you instant exposure.
SERVICES GUIDE - All those vital services that you require will be on-line and updated.
TRADE CLASSIFIEDS -  Sell or buy at special low rates.
LETTERS - You write it, we'll print it. As long as it's legal...
To stay ahead of the game, join the Motorcycle Trader Priority News Email Service.
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Motorcycle Trader in hard copy form will now appear quarterly in a new, information and fact-filled format and will be a vital reference tool for all members of the trade and industry.

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