July 13th 2005.
12 of Cooper-Avon's most eminent motorcycle-tyre salesmen from the USA and Canada are currently visiting the UK. Their visit took in the Isle of Man TT races and London, and includes a tour of the Avon motorcycle-tyre factory in Melksham, near Bath.
The 12 executives work for Parts Unlimited, the USA's biggest distributor of motorcycle parts and accessories. Accompanied by Graham Matcham, head of motorcycle sales at Avon, the group enjoyed two days on the Isle of Man, watching qualifying sessions and races before heading to London.

Dispensing with the traditional London sightseeing buses, the guests were introduced to the key attractions through a game of 'Avonopoly', which saw competing groups travelling around the city by car, bus, tube and scooter. With rules loosely based on the Monopoly board game, all managed to complete the task without visiting jail. Back at the Avon plant, the group were briefed on Avon's latest high-performance Viper range, which is scheduled for launch in North America later this year.
Graham Matcham said: "Avon and Parts Unlimited have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship and this visit has helped to reinforce that as well as to reward some hard work by this team over the past year."
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