July 14th 2005.
MAC Tools has introduced a limited-edition Rizla Suzuki British Superbike toolbox.
250 of the commemorative sets have been made, and they are designed for the professional mechanics. The 54ins toolbox features limited-edition Rizla Suzuki graphics, full-length drawer-pulls, heavy-duty casters and quick-release ball-bearing track slides. Drawer liners are included, as well as two gas-filled cylinders for easy lid opening.
The tool box set stands 64ins high (1,625 mm), 54 inches wide (1,370 mm) and has a depth of 18ins (460 mm).
RRP: £1,899.00
Because the product celebrates a special partnership with the 2004 championship-winning team, MAC Tools is giving away a free Rizla Suzuki branded, three-draw, 350lb-capacity utility cart with every purchase.
For further information, contact Harry Lakhani on 08701 650 650 or e-mail hlakhani@stanleyworks.com