July 21st 2005.
Lembit Öpik, MP for Montgomeryshire and Chairman of the Parliamentary All Party Group for Motorcycling, was assured by the Government today that farmers who allowed off-road motorsport on their land would not jeopardise their right to the Single Payment Scheme subsidy.
Commenting, Lembit Öpik said: "I wanted to get confirmation from the Government that they had abandoned all plans to penalise farmers who allow off-road pursuits on their land." 
Nick Ainger made the following statement: "Many farmers diversify into off-road activities in an effort to remain financially viable.  This works for the farmers and it works for those who enjoy off-road motor and motorcycle sports.  The Government's original plans would have punished both groups, and I'm glad they've changed their stance on this.
"When they review the position at the end of the year, I hope the Government bears in mind the rights of off-road enthusiasts, and the economic pressures our farmers face."