July 27th 2005.
By Jim Reynolds
Our source in Germany tells us that the latest product of BMW's cooperation with Aprilia will be launched in January, and it's a parallel twin! This represents a major departure from tradition for the manufacturer which has for so long championed boxer-style twin cylinders. At first, the motor will be built in 800cc form.
The suggestion is that, if it succeeds, the product will be badged as a 'BeeEm', and, if the reaction is not favourable, then it will become an Aprilia. That said, we couldn't see whether our source's tongue was in his cheek over the e-mail connection.
Aprilia has been building the very successful 650 singles for BMW, while offering their own Pegaso single. Now it seems there may be a Super Pegaso tourer on the way, with off-road styling, powered by the same parallel-twin, 800cc unit.
And you thought Triumph had it wrong when they brought back the Bonneville - now their best-seller? Maybe the whole world wants to go retro?