July 28th 2005.
Highway Hawk has introduced a range of new custom accessories including West Coast-style risers (part no. 56-071). The risers are manufactured from aircraft-quality aluminium, with a 6ins high pull-back. They are supplied with 12mm bolt mounting fittings, with a 'show-quality' polished finish. Compatible with 25mm standard handlebars or 22mm handlebars with reducer kit.
Highway Hawk also offers Black Legend handgrips (part no. 45-0186), made from black billet, with straight handgrips for 1ins bars. Supplied with throttle sleeve for dual-cable fitment to all Japanese cruisers.
The Slashcut Extreme VTX1300 (part no. 651-1301) is an homologated slash-cut exhaust for the VTX1300. It is fitted with removable baffles, and is available to fit other models (contact your dealer for more information).
Finally, Highway Hawk's handgrip billet feature 1ins diamond holes (part no. 45-0188). The right-hand grips are supplied complete with twin-cable fitments. The left-hand grips are supplied with grub screws and fitments.