October 23 2006.

Australian suspension specialists IKON have developed rear shock absorbers for the new Ducati GT1000 in response to requests for a replacement to the original that would remove the harshness of the ride but retain the bike's excellent handling characteristics. 
The IKON 7614 series motorcycle shock absorbers combine progressive damping and versatile pre-load adjustment in a light weight aluminium body that will compliment the style of this classic Italian Grand Touring machine.
These gas-filled units have a progressive spring with screw thread adjustment, so owners can alter the setting externally with the touch of a finger, giving a wide choice of settings to suit riding solo, two-up, with luggage or even track days! 
The IKON shocks for the Ducati GT1000 sell for ¬£363.08 inc. VAT.  IKON also produce traditional shocks in the 7610 design (with 3-position settings) that retail from ¬£257.33 inc. VAT. 

Call 01926 497375 or visit
www.normanhyde.co.uk for details