September 15th 2005.

Cooper-Avon has launched the new Viper Xtreme, which is a super-sticky sports tyre for track-day enthusiasts.
The Viper Xtreme line-up will be available in the following sizes: 120/70R-17 (58W) AV61 front, with 180/55R-17 (73W) and 190/55R17 (75W) AV61 rears.
Both front and rear tyres feature tread-patterns derived from Avon's acclaimed Viper Sport and Supersport tyres, but with fewer grooves - giving a larger contact patch for enhanced grip.
The tyre incorporates Avon's Advanced Variable Belt Density (A-VBD) construction. The AV61 is the first front tyre to make use of this technology. When used in the front tyre, A-VBD technology optimises the way in which the carcass and tread distorts under load, leading to cooler running temperatures. This allows the use of a softer compound for maximum grip.
The construction is based on a jointless belt, made from Aramid fibres, which runs around the tyre's circumference. The fibres are closely spaced at the centre for maximum stability. Nearer the shoulders, the strands are more widely spaced, broadening the footprint at higher lean-angles.
Rear tyres use A-VBD technology, and a Spiral Belted Carcass (SBC) is positioned beneath the Aramid fibres to absorb the stresses associated with exceptional levels of grip.
Viper Xtreme has been designed using Avon's new Advanced Tread Arc Combination (ATAC) profile, facilitating a differentiated tread-profile across the tyre. The ATAC profile results in neutral contours for smoother lean-angle changes, and increased stability, particularly under heavy braking.
Pete McNally, Avon's Motorcycle Product Manager, said: "Instead of the standard 190/50R-17 rear, we will offer a 190/55R-17. The bigger aspect-ratio results in a higher overall diameter and brings the full benefits of the ATAC profile to the 190-section tyres fitted to many of today's sports bikes."
The Viper Xtreme will be available from October.
SRP: £209 per pair
Tel: 01249 705916