October 30 2006.
Scottoiler FST 52 Cleaner & Degreaser is an environmentally friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solution. It has been developed specifically to offer high performance cleaning and degreasing whilst also being safe to use on any material.
FST 52 is ideal for mechanical and electromechanical cleaning and degreasing applications. Its unique formula ensures that even baked on heavy dirt and grease will be easily lifted. Simply apply the spray to any areas of dirt, leave for a few minutes, agitate with a brush or cloth then rinse off with water. After cleaning, simply spray with  FS 365 Corrosion Protector for complete protection. Together FST 52 and FS 365 make an ideal Bike Care Pack. FST 52 is so named because it is suitable for use 52 weeks a year - unlike FS 365 which should be used after every ride.
Bike Care Packs priced at £10.00 retail are available from Scottoiler and contain:
1 x FST 52 Cleaner & Degreaser 500ml Spray Bottle (normal retail price £6.98)
1 x FS 365 Corrosion Protector 1 litre Spray Bottle (normal retail price £6.98)
The pack represents excellent value and is sure to be a big seller as Christmas approaches.
For further information contact Scottoiler directly or visit  Stand R200 in Hall 17.

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