November 2 2006.

The new StuffSafe 80 from PacSafe is a versatile kit bag that is both secure and waterproof.  It has been tested in the most extreme conditions by journalist Damon I'Anson on his continent-crossing journey from the UK to the Himalaya, culminating in an attempt to set 'some kind of new world altitude record for motorcycles' (as he modestly describes it).
The StuffSafe 80 is part of PacSafe's revolutionary luggage range, which combines the freedom and flexibility of soft luggage with the security of PacSafe, a brand trusted by back-packers the world over.  What makes PacSafe unique is eXomesh™, a slash-proof high tensile steel net.  The patented anti-theft Stuffsafe 80 combines an 80-litre waterproof stuff sack and a slashproof, snatchproof and tamperproof stainless steel wire mesh exterior, effectively encasing your possessions in a steel cage that can be locked closed and then locked to a secure fixture with an integral steel cable. Regardless of the destination, the expandable Stuffsafe 80 is perfect for protecting valuable gear from theft and weather.  It is Ideal for stowing helmet, boots, gloves and leathers when camping or parking up. It folds neatly into a small storage pouch and can be worn as a bum bag when not in use. The StuffSafe 80 measures 28 x 40 x 30cm (11 x 16 x 12 inches) and is supplied with a shoulder harness so that it is easy to carry when full.
"This piece of kit has been a real boon on our trip" reports I'Anson. "It will carry huge amounts of equipment. It is also, thanks to a PVC-type coating and an over-folding opening, entirely waterproof - even in hours of torrential downpours."
The PacSafe StuffSafe 80 will protect kit from theft and rain and sells for £49.98 (inc. VAT) and is supplied with all necessary straps, cables and locks.

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