November 9 2006.

Norman Hyde has specialised in 'bits for Bonnies' for over 30 years and his latest development is a range of touring accessories for post-1999 Bonnevilles. The Bonneville GT range is designed to re-create the 'grand tourers' of the 1960's and will significantly increase comfort and carrying capacity for the big twin.
Hyde has developed a carry rack set in conjunction with Italian luggage specialists Givi.  This consists of a classic chrome rear carrier rack that can be supplied with a spacious 45-litre top case (sufficient to store two full face helmets). At the sides are pannier racks in black, which are available complete with 21-litre cases and indicator stems. All are designed to work using the Monokey system, which means that a single key not only locks the cases shut but also secures them to the racks.
Norman recommends several other products from his range to enhance comfort, improve handling and increase the range of the Bonneville. Comfort is an issue for many owners and the step twin seat, with a quality moulded foam interior, will benefit rider and pillion alike.  The taller Givi screen, lightly tinted and measuring 420mm from the headlamp aperture to the top, reduces windblast and provides some protection from the elements, also reducing fatigue over long distances. The 'UK' bars are a similar shape to those fitted on UK bikes in the 1960-1980 period, so are rather like the originals but lower, helping the rider to stay out of the wind. Traditional Triumph type gaiters not only give the look of the past but also protect your fork stanchions against damage and come with original style clips.
Handling and stability can be smoothed out with IKON rear shocks, which have progressive rate springs and 4-way click-adjustable damping, to deliver a huge improvement in suspension stability over the standard items.  These bikes have a reputation for being light at the front end, so the 7-way adjustable steering damper can really help to make the bike hold its line on long bumpy corners or when crossing lines or cracks. It is easy to fit & unobtrusive.
Meanwhile the addition of a 5-gallon alloy tank offers a vastly improved range over the original, and gives the machine a whole new appearance.
Stopping power can be significantly improved by fitting the Hyde front brake conversion, designed in conjunction with AP Lockheed.  It includes a full-floating 320mm rust resistant plated steel disc with aluminium alloy centre, combined with an AP Lockheed 4 piston caliper & Ferodo brake pads.
Call 01926 497375 or visit www.normanhyde.co.uk for details