November 9 2006.
GIVI has introduced two new products:

The windshield for Suzuki Burgman (266DT) is made of transparent Plexiglas and offers maximum protection in all weather conditions, also during the cold and rainy winter days. Its outlined shape with a tapered upper part matches the 840mm height, and is 160mm higher than the OE windshield. It brings significant benefits, equipped with the 266DT windshield, the Burgman 400 front end deflects airflow upwards and creates a sort of bell around the rider and the passenger to reduce air disturbance to a minimum.

The general-purpose central tunnel soft bag (code T444) is made of rope, in its traditional bronze colour with carbon finish, typical of the GIVI GOLD range. This bag has a 19-liter capacity, similar to the capacity of several top cases, but reduced sizes not to interfere with legs (it is 310mm long, 280mm wide and 230mm deep) and to be comfortably used in most urban driving conditions. It has also a shoulder strap, very practical when you stop during weekend trips.

For prices and for more information contact: GIVI UK LTD - tel. (01327) 706220, Fax (01327) 706239