November 15 2006.

Venhill will launch its new range of coloured Powerhose Plus brake hose kits, designed to match the latest 2007 motocross machines at The Dirt Bike Show tomorrow.
Venhill has been manufacturing high quality brake hoses & control cables in the UK since the 1970's and currently supplies some of the top UK factory-supported motocross teams of Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.
Venhill Powerhose Plus kits are simple to fit because they are model-specific and are designed to directly replace the original items, with rotating banjo bolts at the calliper end. 
They contain all of the parts required, including zinc-plated fittings, (although durable stainless steel fittings are offered for a modest extra charge), and factory-fitted rubber guides. Every Venhill Powerhose is made in the Company's UK factory and tested to surpass 110-bar (1500 PSI). The hoses have a super strong stainless steel/Teflon construction, with self-aligning stress-free swivel ends to attach to the calliper, making them simple to fit and adjust.
Five colours are available - blue, orange, red, yellow and even 'original' black, all with matching rigid sections.  Venhill also produce classic stainless hoses with a clear plastic sheath and black rigid section or black with light green rigid section - ideal for 'green machines'.
Powerhose Plus kits are available for most popular 2007 models, e.g. the retail price for the Yamaha YZ250F-07 front hose kit is £45.48 inc. vat.

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