November 22 2006.
Those nice chaps at British Dealer News have helped the closing ad sales of the original and clean Motorcycle Trader 2007 Year Planner by producing their own soft porn version that has horrified a number of the advertisers who supported it.
The BDN version, a straight design rip-off copy of the long-established Motorcycle Trader Year Planner, but with a somewhat less than PC main background image, was clearly intended to undermine the Motorcycle Trader Year Planner, but with a number of the angry and disenchanted advertisers now contacting Motorcycle Trader looking to book one of the remaining spaces on the original and clean wall planner, the blatant BDN copy-cat effort isn't looking so smart. Add to that the fact that BDN jumped the gun by publishing unconfirmed show dates and the mucky imitation looks to he heading for the bin, rather than the wall.
For the last positions on the Original and Clean 2007 Motorcycle Trader Year Planner, contact Alison Payne or Andy Parr on 01273 616040 or or