November 24 2006.

UK quad owners can now enjoy increased satisfaction following the launch of Datatag's iTrack tracking system.  The system incorporates innovative and exclusive technologies, ensuring machines are fully protected, as Datatag raises its fight against criminals in the quad sector to a higher level.
The ATV market has enjoyed a growth period over recent years, but the influx of a greater number of machines presents greater opportunities for would be thieves.  Datatag ID has experienced unsurpassed success levels in the two-wheel market and has now launched its new iTrack system in an attempt to nullify the threat of would be thieves.  The tracker system incorporates cutting edge technology, and combines GPS, GSM and RFID location systems and this will form a formidable force, which thieves will undoubtedly find 'too hot to handle'.
Said Datatag Director, Kevin Howells, "The Datatag brand is highly regarded in the off-road sector.  Datatag has - for a number of years - been the Official Marking & Registration System of the ACU and BSMA, etc and our success at reducing theft rates and prosecuting thieves is exceptional.  We are constantly reviewing the market requirements and our product portfolio to ensure we can offer maximum protection for all our customers through technology and 'best-of-breed' products.  The tracker system has been developed to work in conjunction with our current security systems to offer a complete package to quad bike owners.  The combination of the two systems will provide the most comprehensive protection, minimising the risk of a machine being spirited away."
iTrack has a wealth of benefits for owners, including:
•  On switching off the ATV - An automatic geographical fence or
"Invisible Security fence" is created around the ATV and iTrack will
immediately send an alert if the ATV is moved.
• Advanced Movement Detection - iTrack has probably the most advanced internal movement detection system and can sense the slightest horizontal, vertical, diagonal or speed movement
• Reserve Battery - iTrack has its own back-up battery ensuring signal can be emitted even if the vehicles battery goes flat and will even send an alert when it detects battery drain.
• Protection from the elements - iTrack is mud-proof and waterproof and can operate in the harshest of conditions
• Thatcham CAT 5 Upgrade - iTrack can be upgraded to the latest UK
               Thatcham CAT 5 standard, the highest tracking accolade possible using                    
               Datatag's keyless "Smartcard" operating system
The system itself is probably the smallest available on the market and is approximately the size of a Tic-Tac box - making it extremely difficult for thieves to locate and remove.  As with all Datatag products, support is at the highest level, with 24/7 customer support.  The tracking system has already received endorsement from Yamaha Motor UK, which currently fits the Datatag Security System to every single ATV sold in the UK.  Yamaha have now taken the decision to fit the iTrack system to its entire range of Grizzly utility ATVs - at no additional cost to the customer.  The initiative makes Yamaha the first manufacturer in the world to fit a GPS tracking device of this type - and illustrates their understanding of customer concerns regarding theft of vehicles in the ATV sector.
Andy Pumfrey - Power Products Divisional Manager for Yamaha in the UK said "We constantly evaluate the health of our market and found that our customers and dealers would have a greater peace of mind if ATV's were protected with systems such as Datatag's iTrack. We feel responsible to our customers and the Industry and will always try to keep one or two steps ahead of the criminal fraternity which is why we have made such a big investment in this satellite tracking technology" Andy continued "This unique development is a ground breaking world wide Industry first and I'm pleased to confirm that Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd had the vision and commitment to protect our customers interests first rather than just increase profits. Ultimately, we plan to protect the entire range of Yamaha ATV's with iTrack if all goes well"
Concluded Kevin Howells "The launch of this new product marks an extremely exciting time for the Datatag brand.  We have a strong alliance with Yamaha and their Grizzly quad bike on this new initiative and are now looking forward to hitting thieves where it hurts with this new system.  The war on crime is definitely being won, and the advantage is constantly being taken away from thieves.  With the support of the industry, we are certain we can quash the threat of theft in the quad bike and ATV sector for the benefit of all riders. "
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