November 24 2006.

Datatag, the market leading motorcycle security manufacturer, has announced an unprecedented level of success in the North Atlantic island of Bermuda.  Motorcycle theft across Bermuda has been a massive problem for inhabitants and the Bermuda Police Service for many years.  2005 witnessed the launch of the new Datatag initiative to tackle the growing problem of bike theft in partnership with the Island's police, and major insurers across the island - and the effect has been incredible.
Since its introduction one year ago, Datatag has proven very successful in the prevention of motorcycle theft in Bermuda.  Only four Datataged motorcycles have been stolen, and two of those were recovered.  These are promising figures, especially in light of the fact that since 2002 approximately $8 million Bermuda dollars worth of two-wheeled auxiliary cycles, motorcycles and rented livery cycles have been stolen in Bermuda.
Commenting on the success of the initiatives first 12 months Datatag Director, Kevin Howells added "Since launching Datatag in Bermuda last year, the initial results have been hugely encouraging.  From our successes across Europe we were extremely confident in launching the product in Bermuda, and the fantastic support from the Bermuda Police Service and major insurers have ensured the initiative has been extremely effective to date.  Thieves worldwide now acknowledge and fear Datatag protected machines, a fact proven by the initial results of the Bermuda initiative.   The registration rates across Bermuda have also been very positive with an increasing number of island residents approaching bike dealerships about Datatag, demonstrating the confidence developing, on the Island, in the Datatag brand.  We look forward to watching those numbers continue to rise." 
David McLeod, Executive Vice President, BF&M (Insurance), also endorses the Datatag technology: "We are very satisfied with the progress being made with regard to the introduction of Datatag to Bermuda residents.  We remain committed to working with the Bermuda Police Service on this initiative which assists in the reduction of vehicle crime."
Commenting further on the success of Datatag in Bermuda is Bob Anderson, Executive Vice President, Property and Casualty; at Argus (Insurance) "The Argus Group is pleased to continue to support the Datatag initiative and the Bermuda Police Service in their efforts to reduce cycle theft.  Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we have a safe and secure community for all to enjoy.
As in the UK, the Bermuda Police Service has access to the secure Datatag database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - including Christmas day.  As the most comprehensive system on the market, Datatag incorporates both visible and invisible deterrents.  The visible identification numbers for all main components are augmented by state-of-the-art transponders programmed with a unique code for each machine. These are hidden throughout the machine and are virtually impossible to find and remove, without damaging the bike and can only be read with the unique Datatag scanner.
George Jackson, Commissioner of the Bermuda Police Service, says: "We support the use of Datatag in Bermuda as a tool to help reduce vehicle crime.  Our police officers are using Datatag scanners and other specialised equipment to conduct checks of motorcycles and we now have access to the Datatag database.  The Bermuda Police Service will vigorously deploy Datatag technology to detect stolen motorcycles and their parts and will use the related evidence to assist with any subsequent prosecutions." In the UK there are over 3,000 Datatag scanners used by UK Police forces, in addition to those being used by the ACU and the BSMA. Owners remain protected for as long as the machine stays in their ownership, through the Datatag Lifetime Registration scheme.
Concluded Kevin Howells, "This initiative is yet another success for a truly phenomenal product, and an illustration of why riders should have their machine protected.  Datatag has for some years been employed as the Official Marking and Registration system of the ACU and the P.W.P (Personal Watercraft Partnership) - which illustrates just how highly our product is regarded in both the Motorcycle and Marine sectors."