February 5 2009.

Ventura has introduced luggage systems for two very different Yamahas - the supersport 2009 YZF-R1 and adventure sport XT660Z Ténéré.

Ventura Aerodynamic Bike-Packs utilise a rack system that carries the luggage behind the rider, clear of the under seat exhaust systems featured on both bikes. Individually engineered in New Zealand to the requirements of different models, there is no load shift, whether riding solo or with a passenger. Because the load is positioned behind, rather than to the sides (like hard side cases or soft panniers), the rider has greater manoeuvrability in traffic and less wind resistance on the open road.

Based around two discreet L-brackets that are custom-made for each model of motorcycle, Ventura offers a hassle free fit. When luggage needs to be carried the Pack Rack slots into the L-brackets and then one of the bike packs slides onto the rack.

Massive extra carrying capacity is created - from 35 to 102 litres depending on pack choice. If no luggage is required, the Pack and Rack can be removed in less than a minute and replaced with a Grab Handle (£19.99) or Sport Rack (£40.73), leaving the bike uncluttered. The systems pictured feature L-brackets (£97.75), Pack-Rack (£46.24) and 51-litre capacity Spada Pack, (black, red or blue at £99.20). Total cost = £243.19.

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