February 17 2009.

Discomfort and cold hands make for slower reactions; slower reactions could be the difference between making that crucial manoeuvre and not... and anyway, why live with discomfort

Oxford HotGrips have been keeping riders' hands toasty for over quarter of a century, using a combination of technology and common sense to become undisputed market leaders.

Heated grips have traditionally been conservatively styled to suit the average rider on an average bike. However, 80% of UK riders have sports bikes and want to use products which are styled in keeping with their track-inspired lines. Oxford has been listening to its customers and has now included a switch mounting bracket and a one-piece moulded construction.

Technical Stuff
Oxford HotGrips replace your items and become an integral part of the bike. Fit the wiring directly onto the battery (everything you need is included in the box), slide the grips into place and mount the switch using the bracket provided. Then enjoy four temperature settings,
which allow you to take into account the outside temperature, your glove thickness and your own personal heat preference.

The latest HotGrips include new electronics which not only turn them off automatically if you forget to after a ride, but cleverly monitor the battery output to cope with small fluctuations in charge which naturally occur and maintain a steady temperature.

Oxford has pioneered manufacturing techniques which make these potentially fragile electrical products absolutely bullet-proof. The one-piece construction means that there are no moving parts within, no components clinging together and nothing to go wrong.

Oxford HotGrips cost £69.99 and come with a 2 year warranty. Once tried, there's no going back! 

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