March 2 2009.

British electronic security specialist Acumen has developed a range of plug-and-go alarms for 2009-model Honda and Yamaha motorcycles to upgrade them from Thatcham Category 2 to their top-rated Category 1.

The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, or Thatcham as it is widely known, was established in 1969 by British Insurers. It not only evaluates security products against "The British Insurance Industry's Criteria for Vehicle Security", but also produces New Vehicle Security Ratings, which assess motorcycles on a five star scale to compare how well bikes will resist being stolen ( No current models from any manufacturer score more than three out of five, so upgrading security will be a priority for many owners.

Acumen designed the CAT21 to plug directly into existing connectors on Honda and Yamaha bikes already equipped with a Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser, (found on most machines of 600cc and over). It adds full alarm functionality, upgrading the security to Thatcham Category 1. Measuring just 90mm x 60mm x 30mm the Cat 21 fits into tight spaces where thieves will struggle to locate it. Totally waterproof resin encapsulated electronics ensure reliability, while class-leading current draw of 1.8mA backed up by Intelligent Battery SenseT (with a 3-stage sleep mode) minimises the impact on the bike's battery. The Acumen Cat 21 retails at £275 including professional fitting and VAT.

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