March 3 2009.

Oxford Products has been appointed distributor for the market-leading range of MucOff cleaning products and has already started receiving a flurry of orders.

Muc-Off's popular lighted display units and colourful bottles are set to become an even more popular fixture in UK motorcycle shops as Oxford moves its game up another notch.

Effectively the Mr Muscle of the motorcycle world, Muc-Off's products are appreciated for their ability to take the hard work out of cleaning and maintaining your motorcycle and its ancilliaries.

Products vary widely in function and size; from chain lube to polish and from 35ml anti-fog sprays to 25 litre cleaning fluid dispensers. All are offered in informative and attractive packaging and there are some which come in nicely presented multi-buy packs to increase the rate of sale.

The biggest selling line is the spray-on "Nano Tech Bike Cleaner", a pink miracle fluid which cuts through road grime using  nano technology. No small wonder, then, that dealers will be encouraged by Oxford to stock the Muc-Off range with a freeof-charge 25 litre drum of the stuff. This is in addition to a free-of-charge lighted display stand and some extremely polished start-up incentives.

Yes, Oxford is going all out to make Muc-Off as easy as possible for dealers to stock. Just as well, as demand for the product will be further stoked by a very strong consumer advertising and PR campaign - further reinforcing Muc-Off's position as market-leader.

To receive your Muc-Off starter pack, contact your Area Sales Manager or Oxford direct on 01993 862 300 or