March 3 3009.

Famed for stylish graphics, KBC Helmets, one of the fastest growing helmet manufacturers in the world, has been chosen to produce a range of motorcycle helmets using the imagery of Ed Hardy, 'the godfather of tattoo', for top fashion designer Christian Audigier.

Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy brand has become one of the hottest in America with the likes of Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, David Beckham, Vinnie Jones, Britney Spears and Madonna amongst the many stars and celebrities now wearing his designs.

Marketed as Ed Hardy helmets and sold through KBC's extensive distribution network as part of the Ed Hardy Helmet Collection, the designs are a must for those with an eye on fashion as well as on the road.

Featuring five different tattoo designs on three helmet styles, the full-face VR-2R race helmet features the 'Pirates' and 'Tiger' designs on black or white, while the OFS open-face helmet features the 'Beautiful Ghost' and 'Love Kills Slowly' designs on black, sky blue or pink. The all-new Pro-X motocross helmet takes the designs a stage further with the 'Speed Kills' design on a white or black background.

Specification wise, the VR-2R uses a Tri Comp shell construction, features a double curvature quick release visor and has a removable Ultralux interior liner. The VR-2R is ECE22.05 certified, meets with the ACU Gold racing standard and is available in sizes from XXS - XXL at £249.99 retail.

The Ed Hardy OFS open face uses a PowerCore shell and features a double curvature quick release visor, a removable Duralex liner and quick release strap. It is ECE22.05 certified, available in XXS- XXL sizes and retails at £109.99.

The all-new Ed Hardy Pro-X race helmet uses KBC's patented Ultra Comp lightweight shell, a dual intake vent system and fully adjustable peak. The liner is customisable and removable for washing. Approved to ECE22.05 and ACU gold standard, the Ed Hardy Pro-X is available in sizes XXS - XXL and retails at £249.99

The Ed Hardy Helmet Collection will be sold in Europe through KBC's extensive distribution network.

See www.kbchelmets.co.uk for the full Ed Hardy Helmet Collection

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