March 12 2009.

Ventura's new luggage system for the Ducati Monster 696 provides masses of carrying capacity in a light and stable package.

At 163kg the new Monster is lighter than previous models and its 80hp V-twin engine and upright riding position make touring a tempting option. Ventura's Aerodynamic Bike-Packs add minimal extra weight, while the tailor made rack system carries the luggage above the high level exhaust and ensures that the load will not shift. Because the luggage is positioned behind the rider there is greater manoeuvrability in traffic and less wind resistance on the open road.

Fitting is hassle-free because Ventura base their system around two discreet L-brackets that are custom-made for each model of motorcycle, fitting to existing mounting points on the rear sub-frame on the Monster. When luggage needs to be carried simply slot the Pack Rack into the L-brackets and then slide the bike pack of your choice onto the rack, creating extra carrying capacity (from 35 to 102 litres, depending on pack/combination). The system pictured feature L-brackets (£97.75), Pack-Rack (£46.24) and 51-litre capacity Spada Pack, (black, red or blue at £99.20). Total cost = £243.19. If no luggage is required, the Pack and Rack can be removed in less than a minute and replaced with a Grab Handle (£19.99) or Sport Rack (£40.73), leaving the bike uncluttered.

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