March 18 2009.

Last weekend a dedicated team of Pirelli testers and journalists created a World 24 Hour Duration record, covering 3191 miles using one set of Pirelli's new Angel ST sport-touring tyres.

Using the Nardo test circuit in Italy, the endurance team logged an average speed of 132.9 mph, which in tyre-life terms equates to 7,500 miles under normal road conditions.

The test mule for the event was a standard 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa which was shared by the journalists and Pirelli staff for the record attempt. On a second motorcycle, a 2009 Kawasaki GTR 1400, Pirelli and their guests generated six additional records including a separate 12-hour World Duration Record.

This debut event proved the characteristics of the new Angel ST tyre, a product that has great touring durability and high performance.

The 15 international journalists and 12 testing staff participating in the record each rode at least one of the two motorcycles for half an hour during the 24-hour period, making this a memorable celebration of the new Angel ST for all involved.

Todd Rutt, Pirelli UK Sales Manager was at the historic event and reflected; "It was a superb team performance from all involved and a fantastic test of endurance for man, machine and tyres. The Angel ST reflects these combined qualities developed from Pirelli's latest tyre technology. The tyre exhibits extreme durability and high-performance, ultimately providing sports-touring riders with the best of both worlds."