march 19 2009.

Michelin has integrated the latest technologies developed through motorcycle racing into its new hypersport tyre range.

The Michelin Power One is calimed to achieve outstanding results in different areas of performance, enabling each rider to choose a tyre suited to his riding style, motorcycle and conditions of use. The Michelin Power One racing range comprises two sub-categories.

• The Michelin Power One grooved range is made up of 20 models available in eight sizes. With nine different rubber compounds approved for road riding, this tyre family delivers optimal performance whether used for racing or on track days.

• The Michelin Power One 16.5-inch slick and rain tyre is available in seven versions, with two sizes and 11 rubber compounds developed exclusively for track use, and in particular, for high-level competition.

The Michelin Power One treaded range provides maximum grip, nearly on a par with a slick tyre, even at lean angles of 40° to 60°.

With its new profile developed from racing tyres, the Michelin Power One is highly responsive, enabling the rider to lean into the curve with a minimum of effort. This feature has been further reinforced for the 16.5" models, which enable more progressive braking and greater lean angles.

With three different front-tyre architectures, the Michelin Power One treaded range allows riders to choose between stiffness (for a more precise trajectory) and flexibility.

In all, the Michelin Power One tyre range uses 16 different rubber compounds. A wealth of innovations have been deployed with the goal of improving wet and dry grip and ensuring smooth handling and consistent performance lap after lap, while also enabling the rubber to heat faster. The technological solution is complex but goes unnoticed by the rider. Michelin has created a dedicated website for the Michelin Power One which enables riders to determine which model is best for their needs. Available free of charge, this on-line service chooses the most appropriate tyre and also provides tyre inflation recommendations based on information provided by the rider. Six selection criteria are involved and no technical knowledge is required, since the Michelin software does the calculation and chooses the right tyre immediately.

To bring to market a tyre that integrates these advanced technologies, a three-year torture test was carried out by the Michelin R&D department, which is backed by an annual budget of nearly €600 million. More than 35,000 laps were ridden on over 30 circuits to fine-tune the features of each of the 27 tyres in this new hypersport motorcycle tyre range. Developed to replace the Michelin Power Race, the tyre was tested in the most demanding conditions, on highly abrasive dry surfaces and in the rain, and in temperatures ranging from 3° to 54°C. In all, 116 test sessions were conducted by more than 130 riders on street bikes and prototypes delivering more than 200 hp, in the most extreme conditions.

In developing the new models, Michelin took into account the different riding styles that it has observed during its long-time involvement at the highest levels of motorcycle racing.

The tyre guide is available online free of charge at