March 27 2009.

Acumen has developed a remote kit for its 'intelligent' chain oiler. Normally the can of chain lube screws onto the solenoid, which squirts it through a tube and onto the chain, and both would be mounted out of sight under the seat. However this ingenious new kit contains everything required to mount the solenoid and lube elsewhere on the bike, either together or separately. Acumen even produce anodised alloy sleeves in a range of colours to fit over the exposed chain lube can to make an attractive feature of it.

Driven by the motorcycle's speedometer, the CL10 automatically pumps out more chain lube the faster the bike is ridden and uses a PTFE-based lubricant that acts like regular chain spray. Riders control the rate of flow from a handlebar-mounted display unit, so they can alter the intervals at which lube is squirted to suit the conditions.

This remote mounting kit comes with the required adaptors for the can and solenoid, with low-loss tubing to connect the can to the solenoid should you wish to mount them in separate locations, anodised alloy mounting bracket and stainless steel mounting screws. The bracket can be bolted to the motorcycle or attached to the frame tubes using silver cable ties provided in the kit. The Acumen CL10 intelligent chain oiler sells for £99.99 inc. VAT; the remote kit retails for £49.99 and alloy sleeves cost £49.99.

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