April 2 2009.

Motorcycle riders who suffer from short sight can benefit from a unique new overnight contact lens system, leaving them free from the inconvenience of spectacles or lenses throughout the day.

Lincolnshire optometrist David Burghardt - himself a keen motorcycle rider - uses the revolutionary Ortho-K eye correction lenses so that he can ride his Ducati Monster 696 without the hassle of contact lenses and glasses.

David, who runs David Burghardt Vision Care in Nettleham near Lincoln, began using the lenses after finding spectacles increasingly uncomfortable while wearing a crash helmet.

Now he offers the treatment to patients with low to medium short sightedness and is one of only two optometrists in the county to prescribe the specialised overnight DreamLite contact lenses.

Manufactured from a highly oxygen-permeable material, the lenses apply controlled shape to the 'window' at the front of the eye when worn during the night, correcting a patient's vision while they sleep.

The treatment eliminates short sight by reversing the power of cornea and the effect can remain long enough for a patient to have clear vision for an entire day without the hassle of having to wear spectacles or contact lenses.

David has been carrying out the procedure for 18 months and has prescribed the lenses to over 50 patients.

David said: "It is an amazing treatment and having used the lenses myself I can truly see the benefits it can offer to motorcyclists who are fed up with having to battle with helmets when their lenses need adjusting or whose glasses dig into the side of their head.

"Athletes, children and indeed anyone who is looking for a reversible and safe way to combat their shortsightedness can gain from Ortho-K."

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