April 3 2009.

Owners of Schuberth's biggest selling S1 PRO and C3 models can now officially take their Schuberth helmets on track in the UK, following notification from the ACU that they have passed their internal testing with flying colours.

This is only fitting, considering that Michael Schumacher and his successors in F1 (including Felipe Massa, Nick Heidfeld, Kimi Raikonnen, Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber) have been using Schuberth's state-of-the art safety technology on the track for many years.

The elements which combine to make Schuberth's motorcycle helmets exceptionally safe are:

• The lowest decibel rating of any helmet in the world, so that you do not suffer from long-term hearing damage

• Perfect optics across the entire visor reduce eye fatigue and aid concentration

• A unique anti-roll-off system does just what it says and reduces rotation by more than a half

• Wind tunnel development produces helmets which are stable at speed - no lateral or vertical movement to tire the neck and shoulder or to take your eyes off the road

• Reflective materials give the helmet 360 degree visibility at night

• An internal sun visor prevents sun blindness, so you can always see what lies ahead

• Outer shells are made from unique materials combined at very high pressures and temperatures for strength

• The inner shell is a five-piece construction using 3 different densities of EPS to optimise shock absorbtion.

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