May 1 2009.

A survey of scooter riders conducted by Acumen - the UK's only independent manufacturer of electronic motorcycle security - suggests many scooter owners are ignoring the need for anti-theft devices, despite scooters being one of the groups most targeted for theft in the UK.

Figures from the Bike Theft Index show the theft rate of motorcycles at 37 per 1000 registered (3.7%) compared to 10 out of every 1000 cars (just 1%). Lower powered machines (less than 125cc, including the majority of mopeds and scooters) are most at risk, with a rate of 85 per 1000 registered (8.5%). So, sub-125cc machines are more than twice as likely to be stolen as bigger bikes and eight times more than cars.

Despite the worrying figures, the Acumen Scooter Security Survey showed that 40% of those surveyed were unaware of the increased risk of theft for smaller capacity machines; the same number had no electronic immobiliser fitted to their scooter. A further 12% of those surveyed failed to use any additional security devices on their machines.

"Many riders we talk to assume that it's only high value sports bikes that are at risk from theft" notes David Martin of Acumen. "Fitting an electronic engine immobiliser makes it virtually impossible to hot-wire a scooter and costs less than the theft excess on most scooter policies"

To help combat the trend, Acumen has developed an engine immobiliser specifically for scooters and sub-125cc motorcycles. The system automatically immobilises the machine, 30 seconds after the engine is switched off.

Unlike conventional immobilisers, it requires no power from the vehicle battery; featuring an advanced internal battery supply that is recharged every time the vehicle is ridden, so it won't drain the vehicle's battery. Measuring just 55mm x 55mm x 30mm the Acumen scooter immobiliser is small enough to fit into the tightest spaces and its microprocessor controlled system is 100% waterproof. It comes complete with two touch keys, all necessary wiring and is priced at just £99.99 inc. VAT.

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