May 1 2009.

Skidmarx has developed a double bubble screen designed to enhance the performance of the all-new Suzuki GSX-R1000K9 and emphasise the sporting pedigree of its new bodywork.

Skidmarx manufacture its screens from 3mm acrylic, using information and experience from its long association with top race teams, including both the Worx Crescent and TAS Relentless Suzuki teams in British Superbikes. The double bubble screens are designed to enhance the aerodynamics of the bike, significantly increasing the size of the air pocket behind the screen to provide greater protection at speed for the rider.

Available in clear and tinted options, both priced £49.95 each; a standard version is also available at £39.95. The GSX-R1000K9 double bubble fits uses the existing mounting points and fasteners, so no drilling, cutting or special tools are required. Coloured versions are also available for a £6 surcharge.

Skidmarx also produce a matching headlight cover - priced at £19.50 - offering essential protection to valuable light units from stone chips and road debris. Formed from the same high quality 3mm acrylic as the screen, the covers are held securely in place with Scotch Lock fixing pads and are available in clear, tinted and coloured versions.

Call Skidmarx on 01305 780808 or visit for details of these, and other road and racing products.