May 6 2009.

Motorcycle insurance specialist Carole Nash has signed two new sponsorship deals which give it brand dominance of the UK and Irish bike scenes.

A new agreement with the British Motorcycle Federation sees Europe's biggest outdoor bike show being rebranded as the Carole Nash BMF Motorcycle show. The campaign group's season closing event is also being re-named as the Carole Nash Tail End Motorcycle Show. As part of the deal the company has arranged for exclusive discounts on advance tickets to both shows for its customers.

Carole Nash has also signed a three year deal with Mortons Media Group to sponsor four of its classic bike events, The Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show, The Carole Nash Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics Show, The Carole Nash Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show and The Carole Nash Netley Marsh Eurojumble.

The latest agreements follow the company becoming sponsor of the flagship NEC-hosted Carole Nash International Motorcycle & Scooter Show, the London Motorcycle Show and the Carole Nash Irish Motorcycle & Scooter Show. The company also sponsors the MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show and supports many grassroots events and charity rides.

Rebecca Donohue, Carole Nash's head of marketing, said sponsorship reflected the company's commitment to reinvesting in biking as well as serving a valuable commercial purpose. "From day one Carole Nash has been an intrinsic member of the biking community, committed to supporting biking's development from the grassroots up. Our show presence started with simply attending, then exhibiting and now we attend, exhibit and sponsor events both big and small. Shows are absolutely integral to our marketing because they provide not just brand presence but a platform for direct dialogue with bikers. That dialogue informs our products and strategies. Indeed our move into Ireland a decade ago came as a direct result of lobbying by Irish bikers who desperately wanted us to shake things up, which we certainly did."