May 13 2009.

Black Horse has announced the appointment of its new senior management team, following news last month that it will close Bank of Scotland Dealer Finance by the end of September.

Black Horse Managing Director Chris Sutton confirmed that following a rigorous selection process, which he conducted alongside former Bank of Scotland Dealer Finance Managing Director George Grant, the new team had now been appointed.

The new team consists of:

- Tim Smith, who will move from his current position of Black Horse Regional Director, South to lead the combined Motor sales teams in the North.

- Paul McGill, who currently leads the Sales & Distribution teams in Bank of Scotland Dealer Finance, will take up the Black Horse Head of Motor, South role.

- Mike Whytock, who moves from Black Horse Regional Director, North to head up the combined Franchise & Leisure businesses (Joint Ventures, Motorcycles, Caravans & Marine).

- Mike Griffiths, who expands his current responsibilities for Black Horse Fleet and Major Groups, with the Bank of Scotland Dealer Finance Wholesale and Strategic Accounts businesses moving under his wing.

- Paul Brotherton, who takes over the combined Business Support operation, which will include the BOSDF Field Risk Managers.

- Simon Cotton, who expands his current responsibilities for Bank of Scotland Dealer Finance products to include Products, Marketing & Pricing for the combined business.

Chris Sutton commented: "I firmly believe that the success of the new organisation depends on selecting the best people and processes from both sides of the business, to offer dealers an enhanced package of experience and industry knowledge.

"I am confident we have the best team in place to deliver positive results, which will ensure that we are here to support the motor industry for many years to come."