May 14 2009.

As smart as they are strong, the Abus Detecto 7000 RS range sets a new standard for motorcycle brake disc locks thanks to extreme ease of use mated with sophisticated design.

Unique for motorcycle locks, the RS2 and RS3 feature a one-handed operation with its patented 'snap-n-go' system. With the key turned and the barrel unlocked, the Detecto can then be closed quickly and effortlessly in an almost stapler fashion when pressed against the brake disc, simultaneously activating the integral alarm.

Though compact in design to allow for underseat storage or stowed easily in luggage, the RS locks ignore their size to offer significant protection against theft. With a hardened steel body and shackle to offer resistance against physical attack, to further dissuade any would-be thief the RS's advanced electronic vibration sensor will emit an 110dB alarm if the lock is tampered with or the bike moved.

The two locks differ with the RS2 featuring a red LED located on the body. This flashing light is designed to act as a further deterrent which, combined with differing audible signals, also allows the user to know the alarm status and battery condition.

The Abus Detecto 7000 RS2 costs £79.99 (available in red or yellow) and the RS3 £74.99 (yellow only). Both locks come with carry pouch and reminder cable.

ABUS Dectecto 7000 RS2 & RS3 Features:

o Unique one-handed 'snap-n-go' locking system

o Hardened steel lock body and shackle

o 110dB alarm with sophisticated integral vibration sensor

o LED acts as further deterrent and identifies alarm and battery status (RS2 ONLY)

o Compact design for underseat storage

o Included with batteries

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