May19 2009.

New, high-tech parts washers, that purify their own solvent and are ideal for technical parts cleaning, are now available in the UK from the OSS Group.

The Type 501 incorporates a self-contained "micro-refinery" cleaning system. Used solvent passes through this distillation process that removes dirty residue. This is drained into a separate tank and the now totally clean solvent is reused.

The solvent is always clean, avoiding harmful dirt or residue when cleaning sensitive components. The in-built refinery stores the waste residue and this can be easily drained off. The solvent tank does not need regular refilling other than topping up, perhaps once a month.

This system is a major advancement on other models on the market. It moves away from the sink and drain method where the solvent is dirty after the first wash and where the total content of the tank has to be emptied and replaced.

Three models are available, all on fix priced rentals so no capital outlay. The primary model, the Type 501, has a standard sized sink and incorporates the integral micro-refinery to provide constant clean solvent. Two satellite models work with this; the portable Type 110, smaller and lighter with an adjustable sink height, and the Type 150 with the same sized sink as the 501 but without the integral micro-refinery

The 110 and the 150 satellite models work as a set with the 501, using its integral cleaning system. Used solvent can easily be transferred to the 501 with cleaned, pure solvent transferred back.

On the OSS "combo" deal, model pairs - the Type 501 with either the 150 or the 110 - are available on fixed price rentals from £40 a month per machine with no initial payment.

According to OSS Group Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bridgens, "We're importing the products, under an exclusive agreement, from the USA. Our field trials in this country have also been very successful with excellent reports all round."

More information on the OSS parts washers can be found at: or from OSS sales at 0870 2401 055.