May 22 2009.

Feridax, the UK distributor of Shoei Premium Helmets, has launched "Price Rewind", a price promotion concept for two of its biggest Shoei Models - the XR1000 and the X-Spirit.

"At Feridax, we understand that it is a tough and challenging market out there and have decided that the time has come for action to help keep our marketplace healthy in the current recession. With 'Price Rewind' we have cut the prices of some of our biggest selling Shoei helmets to 2004 levels," says Feridax Sales Director, Steve Clifford.

"Because Feridax believes that all dealers should get a fair chance to take up any of our big offers we will be rolling out this and any future "Price Rewind" promotions to our whole UK network of dealers - both big and small - this helps to ensure that these new offers will reach all bike riders right across the country and all our dealers can profit from them.

"A healthy margin is possible on both the models being introduced in this, the first of our 'Price Rewinds'. We believe this unbeatable margin will inject more activity into the premium helmet market and stimulate consumer activity both online and throughout our dealer stores."

The Shoei 'Price Rewind' runs from the 16th May to the 1st July.

Dealers interested in the "Price Rewind" should contact their Feridax representative or the Feridax sales team immediately to ensure orders are fulfilled.

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