May 22 2009.

Harley-Davidson's XR1200 is praised for its performance, handling and all-round ability, and now thanks to luggage manufacturer Ventura, can add touring to its repertoire. The Ventura Aerodynamic Bike-Pack is a light, stable and incredibly versatile luggage package, offering masses of carrying capability, while adding minimal weight to the machine.

Ventura's tailor made rack system carries the luggage clear of high level exhausts and ensures that the load won't shift, even during hard riding. The positioning of the pack offers excellent stability and as it is directly behind the rider gives much greater manoeuvrability in traffic - and less wind resistance on the open road compared to traditional pannier systems. The Bike-Pack may be mounted over the pillion seat, if riding solo, or behind it, if carrying a passenger. With a broad range of Pack sizes available (from 15 to 56 litres), there is plenty of capacity for two travellers.

Mounting is also hassle-free, as Ventura created the system around two discreet L-brackets, which are custom-made for each machine. Fitting the bag couldn't be simpler either; when luggage needs to be carried, just slot the Pack Rack into the L-brackets and then slide the pack of choice onto the rack. The system pictured feature L-brackets (£97.75), Pack-Rack (£46.24) and 51-litre capacity Spada Pack, (black, red or blue at £99.20). Total cost = £243.19. If no luggage is required, the Pack and Rack can be removed in less than a minute and replaced with a Grab Handle (£19.99) or Sport Rack (£40.73), leaving the bike uncluttered.

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