may 26 2009.

Tyre DownT is an ingenious tie down system for securing motorcycles quickly and easily using only the rear wheel.

Tyre DownT eliminates the need for multiple strapping, as it secures the machine solely by the rear wheel. It consists of two heavy-duty metal plates, each with a friction pad to grip the rear tyre surface firmly. These are attached to Ancra webbed straps (rated to hold 400kg) on either side. The straps are then attached to mounting points with large vinyl coated hooks at the end and are secured by heavy-duty ratchets.

Fitting the Tyre DownT is quick and easy; just slip the plates over the rear tyre, locate the hooks in suitable anchor points and tighten each ratchet. As Tyre DownT secures the machine by the rear wheel only, there is no compression of the suspension and no pressure is put on seals, so the machine can be left in position for extended periods if needed. Plus, as there are no other straps required to secure the machine, there is no damage to handlebars or framework and no risk of scratching to bodywork.

Tyre DownT is compatible with a broad range of road-going bikes - the straps are thin enough to fit under most rear huggers - and can be used with any trailer, van or truck with suitable tie down points. Tyre DownT retails at £60 and is approved by the California Superbike School.

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