May 29 2009.

Swinton Bikes has launched a new electric motorbike insurance policy after experiencing a steady increase in enquiries in the last six months.

The specialist motorbike insurance division of Swinton, the UK's leading high street insurance retailer, is keeping pace with cutting-edge technology by providing competitive cover for the latest electric bike models.

A 27 year old biker from Kent was one of the first to receive a quote on his £8K high spec electric bike, with Third Party cover coming in at £350 and Full Comp at £500.

Anthony Aronin, head of Swinton Bikes said: "It has been very exciting to watch the new electric motorbike models develop, and we are pleased to be able to deliver a great value product for this new generation of bikers.

"Judging by the significant number of insurance enquiries we are receiving for electric bikes, there is clearly an appetite for these new machines. Whilst remaining committed to finding the best deals for all bikers out there, we understand the importance of investing in environmentally friendly modes of transport and can offer anyone thinking of investing in this new technology a great quote on all levels of cover."

An increasingly popular and powerful option, the new generation of electric bikes are light, economic and fast. One of the latest models, the Zero S Supermoto, delivers zero to 50mph in just five seconds, weighs in at just 102 kg and with no clutch and no need to change gears offers bikers a smooth and seriously fun ride.

The bikes also offer environmentally conscious motor-cyclists a 'greener' alternative to their traditional petrol machines. The most recent models deliver only an eighth of the carbon emissions per mile than their petrol powered equivalents and will be fully charged and ready to go after only a few hours hooked up to a standardised domestic power socket.

Swinton Bikes is a division of the Swinton Group and offers great deals on insurance for all types of motorcycles from mopeds, scooters and quads right through to sports bikes, tourers and superbikes.

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